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Rise of Angels [SOI] RU + CIS


Категория: AMV  
2 февраля 2019, 18:25 Разместил: killer552
Победитель в категории Horror/Psyche на Soul's Team Iron Chef: Otodayo

Выдержка из комментария автора: About this AMV? Wanted to edit Madoka without all the magical girl and psychotic stuff (that I wanted to create myself) in order to make something different than your classic Madoka AMV. I tried my best but my best wasn't good enough (c). It's the first time in maybe 5 years that I had 3 full days to make an IC.

Аниме: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
Музыка: Emily Browning - Sweet Dreams
Награды: Best Horror/Psyche на Soul's Team Iron Chef: Otodayo


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Категория: AMV  
2 февраля 2019, 18:24 Разместил: killer552
— Zip-Zap/Twist-Roll, Zoom-In/Zoom-Out, а вот и клип-соблазняшка, как на постере няшка. С виду милая, ручная… но внутри-то боевая!
— Да блин, Вован, ты как будто зашёл на сайт с поздравлениями для людей за 40 и выдрал это оттуда, — ругается Engine of Death
— КОРОЧЕ, клип о соблазне… автора… делать больше нарезок, когда уже есть с чем работать; стругать маскопереходы, когда можно лепить кроссфейды...
— Не дело это, автор, идти на поводу у соблазна, тут клип надо заканчивать, и сеньерам-жюри плечики массировать, чтобы помнили, заприметили. — воображаемый (нет) рандомный зритель.
— Ой, да ладно, у нас тут в дабе свои плечики, ах, какие это плечики, вот прям сейчас их камерой приласкать и бархатным цк прихорошить. А рендер подождет, милота требует жертв!

Аниме: Amagi Brilliant Park, Arakawa Under the Bridge, Break Blade, Captain Earth, Dagashi Kashi, Date A Life, D-Frag!, Gekijouban Toaru Majutsu no Index: Endymion no Kiseki, Kantai Collection, Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry, Monster Musume, Mahouka, Nanoha Vivid, Nisemonogatari, Musaigen no Phantom World, Prison School, Sora no Otoshimono Final: Eternal My Master, Soredemo Machi, Gochuumon wa Usagi Desuka??, Gekijouban Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, Kenzen Robo Daimidaler
Музыка: The Aston Shuffle vs Tommy Trash - Sunrise (Won t Get Lost) (ShockOne Remix)


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2 февраля 2019, 18:22 Разместил: killer552
This is my new video, dedicated to one of my first friends in edition. A lady that even though is out lately she has been a very important support during some years ago. And that lady is AimoAio. Wherever you are my friend, I never made you something in the past so I will like to start now.
About the video: You might think this is a typical Dance video... but no. This is a dark romance video, where your typical inverted harem is a normal one. Or at least tries to be the most normal possible. But then you find yourself battling vampires and demons. But this is a Dance track and there's no Dance scenes at all so why? I mainly focus on lyrics and ignore that fact. In the end this is a Romantic video, with some kinds of Drama sometimes.
Special thanks to JSK, Ikore, Kurobi, S.A. Robert and many people that helped during the betatesting here. BLOCKED BY YOUTUBE SO THERE'S NO LINK FOR YOUTUBE... instead you will get a Vimeo link.
This year there will be several projects incoming. 'Animals' coming soon. There's a link to the instrumental version. However the real version is in Vimeo only

Аниме: Dance with Devils
Музыка: Calvin Harris & The Disciples - How deep is your love

Princes and Princess (Dance with Me!)

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Blood Shaker

Категория: AMV  
2 февраля 2019, 18:21 Разместил: killer552
My first attempt editing to Rap and traditional entry for the STIC XII. As I think lyrics are the most important element in rap music, I tried to focus on synching them as good as possible. It was quiet a pain in the ass to find the right scenes, because I used just a single anime source without time consuming masking and some scenes are not that fitting as they could be. I tried to keep the styles of the 2 rapping guys with my editing, so the first rap part is more aggressive and the second more "funny" cause of absurd lyrics. I know Rap is not that popular in AMVs but maybe someone could like it.

Аниме: Darker than Black, Darker than Black - Gaiden, Darker than Black - Ryuusei no Gemini
Музыка: Dope D.O.D. - Blood Shake ft. Salmo

Blood Shaker

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2 февраля 2019, 18:19 Разместил: killer552
Fully drawn and animated Sherlock Holmes Credits AMV.

Making Of Video
Картинка Making Of (~0.18 MB)

Аниме: Detective Conan
Музыка: Hans Zimmer - The End?
Награды: 1st place Connichi 2015 AMV contest

Detective Conan – Sherlock Holmes Credits Style

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