Waiting for you

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7 февраля 2016, 15:49 Разместил: Naytariya Нашли ошибку?
Комментарий автора: After the presentation of my AMV “Lovers Out”, I started thinking about creating a similar drama AMV. The idea of this AMV came to me suddenly, when I was talking with my friend via skype; at some moment in our conversation, we started answering each other with some special sentences. After our talk, a sentence, which I had not mentioned in our conversation, got stuck in my head; “If you love something... set it free. If it comes back... then it is yours". Then, in order to get a more complete picture of what I wanted to do, I found the music (the process didn't take a lot of time from me, as I used this algorithm “Eden Team IC6> Song Pack> Easy”), which might be not be the most motivating and inspiring one. However, my intention was to capture the attention of the audience more on my special phrase rather than on music. After that, I watched “Nisekoi”, an anime, which is more comedic than romantic, and found scenes that could possibly help me, and the rest of the work was formed in my head. Then I talked about my idea with Kurata, who immediately gave his support, thus becoming the first person to support me in making this AMV. I am thankful to all people who helped me to do this work: Kuruta, madaraxD, Luna, TritioAFB (to each of them I wanted to say thank you, so I mentioned them in the end of my AMV). This AMV is dedicated to Naru Miyasudokoro, the person to whom I am very thankful for doing work that is sometimes complicated for me (a complete translation of the story in English). I hope that you will like this AMV and enjoy it at least for one time. I have nothing more to say, so once again I hope you will enjoy it. My aim was to highlight the difference of this AMV from the other ones made on the same anime, and I hope this objective has been achieved and I was able to make a sentimental drama AMV using Nisekoi.
A big salute to ZEVS1993, Hinata 1495 and Dieguito. And to all others who are mentioned, I wish you a great 2015!!!
Thanks to DarknessTheWarrior for translating this comment into English.
Thanks to Joskua for translating into English my credits and messages.

Аниме: Nisekoi
Музыка: Christina Perri - A Thousand Years

Waiting for you

Waiting for you


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