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Game of thrones [SOI] RU+CIS

Last Chance

Категория: AMV  
7 февраля 2016, 15:26 Разместил: Naytariya
About the video: Kou and Futaba being friends since childhood they began to have feelings towards each other.
Futaba seeing Yuuri so close to Kou made her to become extremely jealous of her and when something happens to her she began to be in an emotional state and regrets the things she thought of Yuuri and wanted to remember the happy things they did with each other. As Futaba starts pushing Kou away because of her feelings of regret he then becomes a bit depressed and tries to still be by her side. Soon Futaba realizes that she has to make a choice and it is her last chance to do so.

Personal Comment: I started this in July and had to keep pushing back when I will finish it. Since the anime is so short with only 12 episodes it made it a bit hard for me to think of how I will get my ideas through. In the end I have accomplished what I wanted to do, but I had no other choice but to leave some things out and had to make a decision on how I wanted some parts to play out. I have to thank xGeminii, ZEVS1993, and BeautyxPain102 for helping me throughout the video and especially UnlastingDreams for giving me this song so I can edit to it. In the end I enjoyed the turnout of this and I hope everyone does as well.

Аниме: Ao Haru Ride, Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu, Grisaia no Meikyuu
Музыка: Britt Nicole - Safe

Last Chance

Last Chance


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