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1 ноября 2015, 09:33 Разместил: Naytariya
Комментарий автора: I started this AMV in 2012 when I finished this anime and Call me Maybe was a thing. However literally everyone and their mothers was editing with this song. And even though I wanted to use a cover I thought people would hate the video simply because by that point everyone was really sick of it. So I put it away in my graveyard of dead betas.

However this year I wanted to finish something for Valentines Day, and I stumbled upon this beta again. I love this cover of the song. I think it takes Carly Rae's cutesie classic and makes it really romantic and intimate. I think it really fits this pair - and if you have watched the anime I think you would agree. If you haven't seen it I hope this AMV inspires you to watch it. It's one of the best shoujo's I have seen and the love story between these two is really sweet and real. Also gonna plug the artist who sings this song Paradise Fears. They are quite good and ya'll should give them love.

I wanted to try lots of new stuff with this video -- mainly some effects that could verge on "Candy" style. I did some things I am really proud of and learned lots of new stuff. Maybe someday in the future I'll make something that takes these effects a little further. There are definitely some things I could clean up in this - like making the lipsync a little tighter and some of the masks. But I am calling this project done.

This AMV was made for a special someone ^^ Happy Valentines day

Аниме: Inu X Boku Secret Service
Музыка: Paradise Fears - Call Me Maybe




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