If I Never

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Комментарий автора: You know this moment, when you realize two things would fit together perfectly? Well, I felt like that when I listened to the song for the first time – and I hadn't even watched the Anime yet. In fact, I once swore myself I would never watch it, because from all the videos I had seen, I knew at least as much: It is absolutely heartbreaking. Even so, after hearing the song, I just knew I had to blend the two together. And I am really glad I did, that I pushed aside the promise I made to myself and watched the Anime. I'm a very emotional person anyway, so of course I did cry, and I cried even more while editing this video (yes! I am one of those!!), but I also laughed and smiled, because at times the show is unexpectedly cheerful. For those who don't know the Anime, a short recap: It is about a couple of childhood friends who lose their friend Menma, after an accident. They all blame themselves for her death, for different reasons, and start drifting apart afterwards. Menma's ghost comes back to tell them they must together fulfill her wish, so she can go to heaven. Sounds tragic? Yep, it is. I'm sorry I made it look like they do nothing but cry and run in that anime. They do other things, too! Occasionally....
I won't say much about the story or concept, because I think it's quite obvious. Just that I tried to get a hold of each character and their wishes, regrets and fears, within an intersected storyline. After all, the song really was perfect for that. Anyway, I really hope you enjoy the video. I, for my part, had a lot of fun editing it, and I really hold it close to my heart.:
Anna over and out~

Аниме: Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai (TV)
Музыка: Quietdrive - Feel Alive
Награды: Best Drama/Serious на Otakon 2013


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