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Rescue Me.

-Completed on the 9th of December 2011-

A very simple video compared to what I have been working on lately, and you could consider it something I made to get away from all the technical tweaking.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to make the deadline for "AKROSS Con" with my other video, "Lovesick Missery", due to hospitalization and no way of finishing before the deadline. My AKROSS-project was (or is) a very technically put together video, and something I will not rush to finish. Therefore as a break inbetween the sessions of compositing and animation graphics, some simplicity can be nice as well. However that said video will show itself when the time is right.

On to the real subject, "Loveless". This video was something I made in order to keep myself from going to bed, staying up all night. Why? - Well, let's just leave it at that I had an early appointment approaching and my sleeping habbits didn't quiet agree with it to the fullest. So as you might figure, this was not a very propperly planned video, as of rather a spontanious "cut'n'place clip"-mayham.

The video source was picked out of whatever I could find (already lossless prepared) on my harddrive that I yet hadn't made into a full AMV. As for the audio source, it's a song I have wanted to make a video to since long back.

After about 5 hours of work, the video was in a complete state - with some exceptions for a few blanks - and it was time to "dress it". I chose to continue to spin away on the Anime's Film-Grain effect, but give it a more tastefull look, blending it with some lighting and masks.
The play of colors were also taken into consideration as the production of effects landed on the video I had made. And out of creative impulses some transition creation was put into thought too. This process went very smoothly and was completed in the matter of 3 hours.

Though I ran into some technical issues regarding the video source-material, which is why this was completely exported on the nineth and not earlier, and took a few weeks before appearing in it's imperfect but viewable 480p quality form. Please bear with me.

Love. Magnus.

Аниме: Le Portrait De Petit Cossette
Музыка: Akira Yamaoka - I Want Love (Studio Mix)


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